My name is_HeliumStream.

I am_a business intelligence tool. Book a demo to see how I can turn losses into income/revenue.

What am I ?

I am _HeliumStream_I am a business intelligence tool.

I manage big data, measure performance and frame business insights.
How do I work?

I am _HeliumStream_I am like a data
scientist in the palm of your hand.

See how I turn your data into business intelligence - in real time.
What can I do?

I am _HeliumStream_I put commercial
control back in your hands in a time
of data ascendancy.

I can help you to_
Why do I exist?

I am_HeliumStream_I exist to make
a hyper customer-centric world
manageable and profitable.

What makes me special, different and better_
What is your reason to believe me?

I am_HeliumStream_I am powered by Amazon Web Services
and have provided business intelligence for leading business
and government institutions.

My promise to you_

I am_HeliumStream_I use data streams, with
a default limit of 5 million transactions per second
as a real-time integration layer.

Number of Data Stream transactions
per second
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